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Ag-Related Websites by Hale Multimedia LLC
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Search Engine  : "like google for ag"

...without the privacy violations and targeting!

What started in 2004 as a simple idea to organize a list of the best ag-based businesses in the U.S. has turned into an Ag Search Engine that saw 2 million searches in 2020 and has now accounted for over 8 million visitors to the websites listed!

AgSearch by Hale Multimedia

Grain Analyzer  :

GrainSense from Harvest USA

This product makes so much sense, and puts money in your pocket if you're a grain farmer, that Howard Hale and The Harvest USA Report have formed an exclusive partnership with ElevateAg to distribute this incredibly accurate and portable analyzer.

Click here to learn more.

GrainSense Grain Analyzer from Harvest USA

Cattle Supplies  :

Tom King Sales
Oshkosh, Nebraska

=> Callicrate Banders
=> The Hook Doctor
=> Kunafin Fly Treatment

Tom King's Ag Supply

Feed and Seed  :

The Feed Store
Alpine, Texas

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The Feed Store by Hale Multimedia

Fencing Supply  :

Power Post Driver

The Picket Power Post Driver is sold in the U.S. by Joe and Julie Stovell of Alpine, Texas.

To purchase the time and back saving tool, click here.

Power Post Driver by Halemultimedia